About Workshop

This workshop is about living a life that is different from what’s been advertised to us as cool, exciting and satisfying. Finding meaning in everything we do, the choices we make and the stance we take. To understand the need of living a life that is acceptable by nature to understand why the word WASTE itself is so wrong.

A workshop that will change your way of looking at things. To get creative with your choices and fulfil your needs. A life that will connect you to your surroundings and show you why being responsible for your actions is important. Living a life that will never be advertised to you as cool but will be more satisfying and meaningful than the life you lived so far.

The workshop will encompass the following:

  • Audit of own habits, preferences and perceptions
  • The connections
  • Alternate Living
  • Bright and Dull Side of Alternate Living
  • Roadmap to Incorporating Alternative Living

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