Learning how to save energy is really important

  • You need to switch off lights in every room when not in use.
  • You could try showering cold water instead of heating with geyser.
  • You could switch the source of electricity to renewables by looking for renewable Energy providers in your city. 
  • You could opt for line drying your wet clothes in sunlight instead of using the dryer in the washing machine.
  • You could ensure your AC never crosses below 25 degrees, or even go without it. 

But wait. You may have already heard of these tips since the dawn of time.

So let’s discuss another kind of energy you also need to save. 


Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we could convert every person who discovers a sustainable lifestyle? Unfortunately, a majority of people we know tend to be skeptical. And it can get really exhausting just dealing with that constant stream of negativity while trying our best to “convince them”.

Now don’t get me wrong. 

We ABSOLUTELY MUST have good factually accurate answers when someone is genuinely curious. But how often have you been attacked with denial, excuses, and jokes when you tried explaining your motivations for living sustainably? This is why it is essential that you save your mental energy around conversations that may just be wasting your time!

And that’s what today’s blog is secretly about! Here are 5 Types of Energy Wasting Conversations you should look out for: 

The Outright Denier:

“Oh, so you believe in climate change?” “Don’t you think it’s being escalated too much?” “Well I’m skeptical about this, it feels like a conspiracy.”
These responses are very indicative of a denier of climate science. Of all the people in the world, you are least likely to find yourself in a conversation with a denier because they roughly only constitute a minority in this world. Climate change is undeniably real and the science is so clear, it would be an insult for you to waste your breath responding to these doubts. There are plenty of people who do still believe in climate change but feel overwhelmed. And that is a crowd worth wasting your energy over.

The Anxious Comedian:

A harmless joke, lack of awareness and awkward silence that ensues it, there could be any reason good people react with poor humor to your explanation of living sustainably. It could be a misplaced attempt to sound charming or trying to keep it light-hearted. Or maybe it’s just an attempt to avoid the serious confrontational fact that the planet will be uninhabitable soon. A majority will fall into this category as we live in a world where the reality of climate crisis is overwhelming. People would much rather joke away their fears than admit they aren’t equipped to change themselves. You may want to wait for the educational conversation with this person if they’re unwilling to sober down or learn. The fact that you lead by example in your life eventually works its magic better than anything else.

The Pseudo Intellect:

This person will fight you tooth and nail to hide the fact they are completely unaware of real climate facts. Whataboutism, deflecting to other irrelevant facts and even propagation of fake news is a common feature among pseudo-intellectuals. They make it seem as though sustainable lifestyle changes are irrelevant in the face of the scale of other issues. It is usually hard for them to connect the dots of how small actions push the needle on the big corporate and governmental impact. They are great skeptics who are good at explaining why the world must continue the normative way of living. But when it comes to ideas of leadership, revolutions, and change, they are unable to register the possibilities. 

The Defendant:

You don’t need to ask any questions for this person to begin ranting a long list of excuses for why they can’t switch to a sustainable habit or product. We all understand the change is overwhelming and most people take their time. Somehow even though you started the conversation with a “hello how are you”, it launches them into a conversation about why they “can’t possibly ever imagine doing what you do”. In our experience we have noticed some excuses are just masking a basic fear of change. If you attempt to educate them, they dig themselves deeper into the hole of excuses. Awareness is perceived as an attack on their comfortable lifestyle and they will do anything to protect it. It’s best if you save your energy in this conversation after making your case for living sustainably.

The Rule Breaker:

“Ugh, being dutiful and responsible is sooo boring. Find me something I can go against because that’s what cool people do right?”

WRONG. If you find yourself in a conversation with a rule-breaker, it is a huge red flag. This person has spent most of their life going against the idea of what’s considered noble or dutiful in this world. They are more likely to change to a sustainable lifestyle only if it gives them social brownie points. And that is never in your control.

Once you’re done explaining yourself, take a beat and change the topic. The indication is when they start talking about how “life is too short”, “You only live once” “I could never live with any restrictions”. They usually fail to grapple with how living sustainably actually brings meaning and exhilaration in itself. And no conversation can actually make them realize this. Only action and experience can.

Despite all these cases, it is best to confidently explain your own reason to live zero waste, vegan or low carbon choices in a QUICK BRIEF COMMON SENSE response. It’s predictable to expect a few undesirable responses now and then. But always remember that your attempt at a sustainable lifestyle will create a ripple effect in the lives of the people around you no matter what their opinion may be. Change rarely happens in one debate. It is important you save your mental peace and practice expressing the joy of being an eco-warrior. In the end, the lure of joy and contentment is almost impossible to avoid! 

About Mridula Joshi

A sustainable lifestyle enthusiast who hopes to change the narrative on how we approach the dialogue of climate change in our society. She runs an educational website and lives a zero waste-minimalist life. Strongly prescribes eco-conscious living as the key to a fulfilling life.

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