The Luxury Paradox of Life
The Luxury Paradox of Life

The Luxury Paradox of Life

Are you someone who trusts and vouches for what advertisements promise? Or Someone who questions everything offered?

Everyone wants and perceives luxury in a different way. For some, even clean food and water is luxury. For some others eating at a 5 star is luxury. Same goes for owning things and the habits we develop. Every coin has 2 sides. Today we speak about luxury, about standards of living. But in terms of our perception.

If you’re the first kind who trusts that brands do the job of taking care of all your needs then you belong to the Advertised Luxury Category. You put your back-end validation efforts in the hands of someone else.  Well nothing wrong about it, some brands really do the right job (But, some don’t and we know that as well – But we still ignore). Convenience of such sort are often advertised and people are wooed into believing it’s true. Soon it becomes a way of life. You are made to believe that being takers of what’s readily offered is the smartest way of doing things (Fastest, Convenient, Easy, Ready, Free – Common terms isn’t it?). But yes, some brands really do work towards bringing the best to you. Quite a few!

If you’re of the second kind who questions everything offered and only make a choice after your questions are answered then you belong to the Alternative Luxury Category. You carefully choose what you consume, you try to find answers to questions such as “What is it made of? Who makes it? Where is it sourced from? Is there any other way of doing this? Why should I only do it this way? etc.” Initially, people like these are viewed as weird. They’re stared at, they’re made fun of, they’re asked lame questions and their patience is highly tested. Alternative Luxury is about making those choices that quite a few take the pain of making. Because making these choices include personal efforts, there’s no easy, there’s no fast, no one else is doing the backend validation on behalf of you, there’s patience, there’s learning, there’s empathy, there’s sharing and sustainability.

Each of us pretty much start our journey with aspirations of ADVERTISED LUXURY from when we start deciding for ourselves in life – thanks to overexposure to media these days. Also, because our brain is designed to accept what is easy, convenient, fast and safe. Overtime, when we start discovering our preferences, likes/dislikes, values and beliefs is when some of us shift to ALTERNATIVE LUXURY.

I choose alternative luxury because, I trust that if I do it for myself, I will do it the best. I respect the ecosystem I live and function in. I want everything I consume to be valued – fair wage, ethical sourcing, animal safety, not just environment friendly but better for the environment (Our damage needs reversal), optimal use of resources that are gifted to us. When I consume this way, it feels like true LUXURY. Because someone made my products for me with satisfaction, someone’s life was saved, someone was saved from exploitation and someone’s life just got better. Of course, I haven’t been able to live a truly luxurious life like I want to yet, but every effort is satisfying and the journey is delighting.

I get questioned, pointed at, my mistakes get more attention – in fact the most! But, that doesn’t change the fact that I still choose ALTERNATE LUXURY.

What’s your choice?

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