The Journey Is Confusing
The Journey Is Confusing

The Journey Is Confusing

Everything feels great when you start. We launched our products at a Flea Market. The response was amazing. We earned our first quick revenue and were on top of the world. It already felt like a successful business, in less than a month. But that’s how the energy is when you get started. You feel positive about everything, you don’t let the downfalls get to you. You feel like you can fix everything. In fact, I hated hearing “NOT POSSIBLE” as a response to anything I wanted to do. To this day I hate it, but I have become a little more considerate than back then and look for an alternative instead. Every day teaches you a lot on this journey.

The High Spirited Phase:

The first few months although there were ups and downs, my spirit was high up!! I was excited, doing so much work and I wanted to get things done no matter what. I would overwork myself; I still do (It’s not something I’m very proud about, but…). After about 6months my initial excitement was gradually coming down, I was understanding the reality of the business. There were challenges, mistakes, losses. Our initial investment was getting over, we had to now sustain and to sustain we had to ensure revenue kept flowing in. And for revenue to keep flowing in, we had to have new products, more people had to discover us and a bunch of other things.

Social ENTERPRISES, Not Charity

So, there’s this very important aspect of a social enterprise that everyone misses. Social Entrepreneurs want to do good to society, they leave their well-paying jobs to do this for everyone. We want to make addressing problems, our career. So, we also needed to survive in life, we are also part of the economy and it also takes us money to eat, sleep, travel, save & shop. But we also want everyone making efforts to be paid fairly, to be given decent amenities and a platform for their art/effort. But a fairly large amount of society thinks SOCIAL ENTERPRISES are charity groups that should make nothing but only deliver the best for cheap. We came across a large group of such people in the initial days. We were confused, we were doing everything right but the criticism wouldn’t stop.

The Right People

Then as time went by, we came across a group of people who respected our work, who appreciated our efforts and found value in everything we delivered. In the content, we put out, in the products we made and basically every aspect of Biomimic Theory. That’s when we learned that we should focus on all those supportive folks always ready to lift us up and educate the ones that keep finding fault. It’s just a lack of knowledge and denial.

The Neverending Confusion

So, we started dealing with all kinds of challenges – people, products, vendors, income and more. Now we were in the real game. Some days I would sit down and cry because it was too new to me, I didn’t know how to deal with it. Some other days we would be fighting to get it done. Some days we would just come to an understanding. It was emotionally difficult for us both. But we were getting a hang of it. It was getting better. Rather, we were learning to manage it better.

It’s a confusing journey because a couple of days it looks hopeful, and the next few days it’s a clueless state. We had to be ready for all of it. We had to stay neutral through all of it. It’s already such a confusing article I know. But the point is….

We had to stay put, we had to be consistent, we had to keep going whether things looked good or bad. We had to adapt and keep moving ahead but never stop.

One Moment is all it takes:

When I’m on the brink of breaking down feeling helpless, Naveen always says, and it’s so so true – “It only takes one moment to become successful in life.” It’s why they call it an overnight success. You keep putting your efforts no matter what and one moment changes everything for you. But if you give up, you never know – you might have stopped just a day before that success was meant to happen.

Remember it only takes one moment!  

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