If you find yourself struggling to make sustainable resolutions, you’re not alone in that feeling. Climate Apathy is one of the biggest reasons most people who are well aware of the situation still end up behaving ignorantly. Scientists tell us it will require a huge revolution in the way we live for us to have any hopes to curb climate change. But things can get rough if you don’t have support systems or the right information while making drastic lifestyle changes. 

You must first ensure you have created an environment around yourself that encourages organic growth for this change. Without that, you may even give up easily in a few days!

These sustainable changes could include resolutions like:

  • Refusing disposable plastics
  • Shifting to a plant-based diet 
  • Taking public transport
  • Trying to be a conscious consumer and buying less
  • Setting up a zero-waste home.

Basically anything to help you feel like at least you have done your bit in the face of climate change!

Some of these changes can be intimidating and are socially looked down upon by people who lead a “normal” lifestyle today. So instead of getting hasty and impatient, what’s the best way to ensure you stick through these big changes? 

Here are 5 major steps you MUST ensure before you jump in to make any big changes!


You are vaguely aware of topics such a “plastic-free” “zero-waste” or “climate change” but you haven’t had the guts to deep dive and learn all the details. That is fear of eco-anxiety that has made you keep a safe distance from all the necessary education you need to have.

Luckily, there are productive ways to handle this guilt.
Look for solutions via individual action!
Documentaries that explain the state of our world, also explain what can be done to be part of the solution.

Books that reveal the truth of climate crisis can be monumental in changing your perspective on the topic from relating to them as “far fetched” to “urgent priority”. 

The biggest issue we face today is helping people understand the gravity of the situation. Educating yourself via Videos, Books, Talks, and News is the only way we can induce that seriousness. 

Biomimic pro tip: Follow our “Eco Task of the Day series” on our Instagram page to learn all the steps you need to take to reduce your carbon footprint. Most people assume its only cars and transportation that is the main cause of climate change, but they are only a part of what contributes to the total GHG emissions! Discover the power that your consumer choices, lifestyle, food, fashion and waste can hold and see if you can challenge yourself one step at a time!
Instead of wallowing over the state of landfills in our country, you can empower yourself to aim for a zero-waste lifestyle yourself. 

Click here to watch videos that can help you get started with climate education.


When you’re on your smartphone, what do you spend the most time on throughout your day? 

The pictures, videos, news, and information we surround ourselves with day in day out is a MAJOR influencing factor for our consumer choices and behavior in our life. Don’t let the barrage of corporate marketing manipulate you into polluting practices as a consumer. It’s time for you to reverse that effect. Instead, find pages of brands and bloggers who aspire to live more sustainably. Subscribe, follow and like all the right pages. By watching them, you will eventually influence yourself into better habits!

Biomimic Pro tip: Follow at least 10 sustainable lifestyle blogs that are genuinely helpful to you as a beginner. Look for influencers who practice and not just preach. Ensure the pages you follow give you the solutions and motivation to do better. This helps you to avoid slacking and push your boundaries constantly (because you are visibly seeing someone practicing it as well!) 

Click here to find a curated list of bloggers we absolutely love!


Trying to buy less, but friends with shopaholics? Trying to reduce meat, but friends with meat lovers? The discouraging comments and joking nudges to give up can slow down our progress very easily. 

It is time to jump in and find flea markets, events, groups, online forums where like-minded sustainable enthusiasts gather or interact. Keep yourself updated on the cozy meet & greet sessions that may be organized by someone in your city.  Volunteer events like tree plantation, climate strikes, plogging, and beach clean-ups are also a great way to find your like-minded tribe. So get involved!

Biomimic pro tip: Don’t overthink these things! Just sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated on events if you’re in Bangalore. Check out Lbb app for volunteer work opportunities. Keep a weekend free for yourself and show up for the day out!

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Wouldn’t we love to change our lifestyle in secrecy and mind our own business like a ninja? Well turns out it’s not so easy to make green choices when your friends and family are not aware of your new priorities!
The longer you keep quiet about it, the more you end up breaking your own sustainable resolutions. If they probe and question you on why you have suddenly been refusing certain disposables they offer (or any other unsustainable practices), it’s time to have “the talk”. Gently explain yourself and tell them you’re attempting a lifestyle experiment to see if you can align your habits with your values in the light of climate education. You could explain to them in detail or briefly let them know your new “rules” while you refuse something. Either way make it clear to them what is acceptable and unacceptable for you going forward. 

Biomimic Pro Tip: It’s always awkward to make an announcement on your new sustainable resolution. Look for opportunities for you to REFUSE something in public when offered a packaged item. Predictably, someone is always sure to ask you to explain yourself. This is your chance to let your resolution be known to your closed ones! Link them a few sources of information to let them know your inspiration. Make sure you don’t hesitate or end up lying with an excuse, or you will make it harder for yourself to stick through your own resolution.


Most of us simply panic when we make a mistake after resolving to make more sustainable choices. For example, Let’s take the resolve to live single-use plastic-free. It’s easy to feel encouraged after watching an inspirational zero-waster online. But when we begin to do it practically, you will realize there are so many products and details you never even thought about! It’s completely possible you weren’t equipped with all the information you need, or simply don’t have time or access yet. So instead of panicking and giving up over the first few mistakes, start measuring them and budget yourself a few allowances. Aim to reduce them one product at a time rather than quitting disposable plastic all in one go! This way you can set yourself a realistic goal!

Biomimic pro tip: Focus on changing only one area of your life at a time each month. If choosing public transport is hard (among many other things you need to change), for an entire month, just focus on trying to catch a bus/metro/walk. Once you see the habit sets in, shift your focus to the next big change next month. The bigger the change, the more time it takes for the habit to set in.

Click here to check out a campaign we conducted where we helped participants organize all the areas of sustainable changes.

Despite the 5 steps above, one thing is always taken for granted, that is, the INTENT to change. In case you’ve reached this part of the blog, it means you have the intent and are ready to get started on your baby steps to live more sustainably! 

For more help in getting started with your journey, start with our ULTIMATE GUIDE

About Mridula Joshi

A sustainable lifestyle enthusiast who hopes to change the narrative on how we approach the dialogue of climate change in our society. She runs an educational website and lives a zero waste-minimalist life. Strongly prescribes eco-conscious living as the key to a fulfilling life.

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