WET BAG – Midnight
WET BAG – Midnight

WET BAG – Midnight

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Often when we are outdoor either on a daily commute or travel, we come across times when we end up with something damp or messy that we need to either wash or dispose of. It’s important to dispose of our waste in the right places, and it always takes some time/even days to wash some reusables. At such times, we often find that a single-use plastic bag comes in most handy. Although it gives us momentary convenience, we also know the long-term harm it does to the planet & our environment.

The Wet Bag is an alternative to the plastic bag during your travel and commute. It comes with a waterproof layer on the inside to help you with those damp & messy times.

  • Quick Supplies (Small Wet Bag) – (Size – W 27cm x H 23cm)
  • The Whole Lot (Large Wet Bag) – (Size – W 39cm x H 32cm)
  • All You Need (Combo of 2 Wet Bags) – 1 Small Wet Bag + 1 Large Wet Bag

Some key applications of the WET BAG:

  • To store your damp towel/clothes while you travel.
  • To ensure your leaking personal care products don’t mess your clothes or other things in your bag.
  • To collect some plastic/paper waste made, some food stains/dampness are still on it.
  • To store those used sanitary cloth pads in, until you find the right place to wash and dry them.
  • To carry along those medicines and syrups that might leak during your travel.
  • Dirty Napkins, Used Cutlery/ Utensils.
  • Use it as your laundry bag to separate the dirty from clean clothes.
  • To carry those fruits or snacks on the go, that might soil your bag, and it’s contents if left unattended. It’s made of food-grade PUL.
  • Toss those undergarments into this bag until the end of your trip/trek.
  • To store those fruit peels until you find the next best place to dispose of.
  • Use it as a beach/swim bag to bring back those damp swimwear. OR to keep your belongings sand-free while you enjoy the seawater.
  • Use it as a gym bag to bring back those sweaty clothes safely until you can toss it in the washing machine.
  • It makes an amazing and multi-purpose gift your near & dear ones will love.



  • The Wet Bag has a PUL Laminated fabric on the inside that makes it waterproof.
  • The bag’s outer fabric is garment production scrap fabric prone to getting wet, but the inside contents remain safe.
  • Although the bag is waterproof on the inside, We recommend not to put dripping wet items into the bag. Always drain out as much moisture/water from the item before putting it into the bag.
  • Do not dip the water in the bag with its contents inside.
  • The bag comes with an openable loop on the side that lets you hang the bag wherever you wish to, the side of your backpack or to the handle of your suitcase. Use it as you like.
  • Do not iron the bag. Ensure no direct heat is applied on the inside of the bag as the PUL Laminate might get damaged and the bag might start leaking.
  • The zip used is also waterproof; however, if the bag’s contents have dripping wetness, it might leak from the centre where the zip opens and closes.
  • The bag is machine washable. You can also hand wash it gently. However, never use a brush on the bag as it might tear the laminate inside the bag.
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