Fab Array Travel Steel Cutlery – Aqua Blue
Fab Array Travel Steel Cutlery – Aqua Blue

Fab Array Travel Steel Cutlery – Aqua Blue

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This product is created as a replacement for disposable cutlery. It’s a compact, low maintenance, most durable, easy to carry alternative to using disposable cutlery offered often when you step out to grab some food or during your travel. The perfect combination of Utility, Style, Convenience, Durability and Compactness. And best used :
– During Travel
– A Trekking Essential
– In Your Everyday Lunch Bag
– When you step out to grab some local street food
– During some drinks and fun
– It can basically sit in the corner of your everyday bag – ready for when you need to say “NO CUTLERY PLEASE” & “NO STRAW PLEASE”
– Makes an amazing Zero Waste Sustainable Gift.

Key Features:

  • Compact and organised cutlery kit.
  • Size – W 6 cms  x H 23 cms.
  • Stainless Steel Spoon, Fork, Knife, Chopsticks, Napkin, Straw and Natural Bristle Straw Cleaner.
  • The natural fiber straw cleaner is made of sisal fiber – which becomes extremely soft and flexible once it comes in contact with water. Always wet your cleaner before use for best results.
  • Most Durable and Long Lasting – Steel is a very strong metal.
  • Best Quality Food Grade Steel for Safe Consumption.
  • Compact Napkin to replace Tissue also doubles as cutlery cleaner after use in case you cannot find a water source to wash your used cutlery.
  • Washable Cutlery Kit Roll. Wash like any other cloth whenever needed.
  • Made from Garment Factory Scraps – Patterns that can never be restocked.
  • Takes the smallest space in any bag. Also fits into sling bags. Sleek and Compact.
  • Low Maintenance Cutlery Kit for people who hate maintenance.
  • Affordable and Long Lasting Sustainable Zero Waste Gift

Image for reference only: We have tried our best to showcase the colours as they are, however with different monitor settings the colours might differ slightly. Also since our products are hand-cut and stitched the placement of the stripes might vary slightly from piece to piece.


Weight250 g
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With Cutlery, Pouch Only

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