New Year means new efforts to encourage people in being environmentally conscious, so this New Year we came up with our third campaign #Planet Bingo 2020 Challenge to encourage people to start their year 2020 by being environmentally sustainable.

This year, we decided to level up our campaign in a bingo game format; we issued bingo cards with 15 icons describing an eco-task. We made sure that the icons were versatile in nature and included sustainable habits in all major aspects of life. The contestants were given a time span of 15 days to complete the eco tasks mentioned in the bingo card. They could also repeat them and gain extra points.

We started the challenge on the 1st of January 2020, on the day of New Year, and ended the campaign on the 15th of January.

At the start of the campaign, we had 53 participants, as more entries came in even after the start of the campaign, we decided to include them in the campaign on the 3rd of January and our final participants count 62. 

The following stats give us an insight on the participants as well as how the campaign performed.

The Bingo card contained 15 eco tasks that contestants were supposed to strike when they complete the task. About 20 participants were playing for the prize of this challenge by posting their entries on social media accounts and tagging our Instagram page.

Participants shared their journey about their zero waste lifestyle including their success and their failures in it. The Whatsapp group encouraged many anxious participants to finally come forward with their doubts and receive suggestions on zero waste lifestyle. The platform enabled the group of like-minded people to break stereotypes and myths related to sustainability. The beginners gained amazing insights from their fellow veteran members.

We made sure the social media and our WhatsApp platform was continuously bustling with articles, brand suggestions and creative ideas of the participants which reinforced others that they are not alone in this journey and also reinstated the confidence to adapt to such lifestyle knowing they have a safe place to come to anytime they need! 

Here’s roughly the impact we created in the 15day’s of our campaign:

Because for many it wasn’t just about the prize. Our campaign became a platform for anyone wishing to get community support on their new habits. The rest of the participants continued being active in our WhatsApp group by sharing their continuous efforts. The participants were encouraged and we also scored any extra efforts they put in for their eco-friendly lifestyle. Shruthi Panda emerged as the winner, but all the participants emerged from the campaign with new habits that helped them live more sustainable. 

We made sure that this campaign encourages beginners to come forward and make their baby steps to start a zero-waste lifestyle without any inhibitions. Through this campaign, we empowered our amateur eco-warriors for their journey of sustainability and we hope that we have broadened their idea on how to convert these eco tasks into a habit that can finally save our planet from distress.

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About Mridula Joshi

A sustainable lifestyle enthusiast who hopes to change the narrative on how we approach the dialogue of climate change in our society. She runs an educational website and lives a zero waste-minimalist life. Strongly prescribes eco-conscious living as the key to a fulfilling life.

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