#OneSmallStep Challenge – An Introduction
#OneSmallStep Challenge – An Introduction

#OneSmallStep Challenge – An Introduction

Hello and Welcome to Sustainable Living Challenge 2.0 by Biomimic Theory!!

We hosted a Sustainable Living Challenge previously in October 2018 called #DoYourBit. It was a huge success with 60+ participants making an effort to create a positive impact from their daily actions.

Here’s a glimpse of what went into the campaign and the outcome of the 15 Day effort. Click Here 

After the success of the previous campaign we had large number of requests pouring in from previous participants and new members asking of when the next campaign was going to be hosted. This left us thinking, if #DoYourBit could make 15 Days of sustainable living so enjoyable then so would more such campaigns, which would eventually make Sustainable Living fun on a daily basis. We just had to start somewhere and at Biomimic Theory we were willing to facilitate the start for as many people as we could help.

So this time we changed the format of the campaign a little to make it much more effective. With more modules to cover, more to learn and experience, and a lot more to share and inspire.

So jumping right into #OneSmallStep

Campaign Start Date : 1st March 2019
Campaign End Date : 15th March 2019

Register for the Campaign: 

  • Send us a DM (Direct Message) on Instagram that you’re interested along with you email ID & Phone Number
  • We will add you to a Whatsapp Group that is already created where we will be conversing about Sustainable Living, Sharing the daily tasks, Each one’s efforts and help each other out in starting their Sustainable Journey.
  • Then on, for the next 15 Days it’s all about taking one small step at a time towards a more meaningful shift.
  • And, Sharing your journey with your audience and ours to inspire more people to opt for this life.
  • Then continuing these small practices into your daily life even after the campaign ends. 🙂

About #OneSmallStep

  • #OneSmallStep is a 15 day Sustainable Living Challenge that can be performed as part of everyone’s daily routine and at their convenience. The only rule is that – Some effort needs to be made every day. Small/Big, As per the task assigned/anything else that suits your routine. Any effort counts. 🙂
  •  We have addressed 11 Core Areas of change for the campaign. You can either choose to stick to one of the 11 Areas throughout the 15 Days or choose whatever you want from the daily task suggestions and make an effort accordingly. The 11 Areas for change covered are as follows:
    • Bathroom & Hygiene
    • Work & Tools
    • Fashion
    • Entertainment
    • Celebration
    • Fitness & Health
    • Food
    • Stress Busting Habit
    • Transportation
    • Waste Management
    • Water
  • 5 Task Suggestions : You will have up to 5 task suggestions everyday as against a single task suggestion in the #DoYourBit Campaign previously. You can either choose to stick to a single area’s task or do more than one from the task suggestion.
  • One or More Efforts Per Day :  You are expected to make at least one sustainable effort a day. It could either be from the daily task suggestions we provide or something else that suits your day. But one effort a day is a must.
  • Share and Inspire : Click a picture of your effort and share it on social media with the hashtag #OneSmallStep and tag @biomimic.theory on Instagram. You can also share your efforts on the Whatsapp group that you will be added to. We will post all your efforts on our Instagram handle to inspire more people to opt for this path 🙂 .
  • Best Performer : We always keep track of the effort made by each participant throughout the 15 days. Towards the end few participants will be chosen for a giveaway from Biomimic Theory.

Click here to access a consolidated list for each of the 11 Core Areas for Change.

Lastly, We’re so excited to be on taking you on this journey. We would love for the same enthusiasm and openness to new things from you, to make this Challenge an enjoyable one. Do invite your friends and family to also try this challenge. The more the people the faster the reversal of damage done to this environment. Feel free to ask us any questions on Instagram DM. We would love to clarify them for you.

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