What NOT to do when you live a Zero Waste Life?
What NOT to do when you live a Zero Waste Life?

What NOT to do when you live a Zero Waste Life?

Out of personal experience, here’s one critical thing you should NEVER do when you begin to live a Zero Waste Life.

One day I got inspired to live a Zero Waste Life and came across Lauren Singer’s Jar with years of waste in it. That became my goal. I believed if she can do it, I can do it. I found a jar and said to myself – “This will be my jar of waste with years of trash inside it”. That is exactly how I started my Zero Waste Journey.

Turned out, it didn’t go as planned. In order to live a zero waste life I needed some tools to start off with. A Reusable Straw, A Compact Water Bottle, Some Napkins, Menstrual Cup, Washable Cloth Panty Liners and so on. The only place I found most of these was online.

Need I say more? It all came packaged terribly and my goal jar filled up in less than a week. *Sigh*.

But I gave myself another chance. I decided I would consider this an exception and start again. So I did. But yet again the jar filled sooner than expected. While this repeated for the third time in a row, I started to get frustrated. I started stressing about it. My enthusiasm of living a low waste life was gradually dying. It soon got to a point when I decided it was not meant for me. I failed terribly and gave up for about 2-3 days. I went back to the wasteful life feeling hopeless.

But the thought about why I failed and how I could make it work, kept me thinking about it. It made me curious to explore the lifestyle better and draw an understanding of my own about it, before I could jump into incorporating it into my life forever. So I asked myself – What does it mean to me? How can I succeed at it? The answer was simple –  “Start With Whatever You Can Do & Do Everything You Can As You Progress”.’

So I decided that I would do whatever is in my capacity to get started. And my own story has been the Inspiration behind Biomimic Theory’s #DoYourBit Campaign 🙂 which has been a super success. Thanks to all the participants!

So here’s what you should NEVER do while living a low waste life .

  • Never be hard on yourself. Change needs time and it’s perfectly alright. We all take varied duration of time to accomplish things and it’s perfect that way. If you end up eating a chocolate you couldn’t resist – it’s ok, happens to all of us!
  • Do not expect your friends & family to immediately understand your intention and start supporting you. It takes time. It took a lot of time for me to make my family & friends understand why I do what I do. It took me almost a year. They mocked at me, laughed at me and thought I was crazy. It’s ok. Ignore their reaction but always explain your cause to them. Eventually things will change. It needs patience.

Final Word – Zero is impossible. The word Zero in Zero Waste is quite unrealistic. It can be a goal for continuous improvement but is impossible to achieve. Low Waste is an appropriate term instead. So don’t take Zero too seriously.

All the best on your journey & remember “Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s alright sometimes that we cannot help some things – they either come a certain way, else we probably cannot afford it any other way” What matters is constant effort. Patience & Acceptance are keys to success on this journey.

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