When we decided to start Biomimic Theory, we had a huge plan. We wanted to make it large in the Field of Sustainability. We pitched the huge idea to our super supportive mentor – Mr. Vivekanand Venugopal, a family friend. In spite of my lack of experience in business, he gave us an opportunity to present and also encouraged us to take it forward.

Remember, Questions and Probing will help you understand your own plan better:

It went back and forth with more questions, responses, and details for almost 4months. As we started to dig deeper and do a lot more research into our plan on-ground, we realized that our plan was too vast and we needed too much money to start it. All our data in the pitch was also only theoretical. Which means humungous responsibility and pressure to deliver as per plan- on an amateur Entrepreneur.

I was confident, I knew I could take anything up and make it happen because I can work hard and I love challenging roles. Also, because Naveen was part of this and I had support in terms of work and he has some experience in the field of business. But somewhere in the back of my mind, there was a fear of uncertainty too. And in one of our discussions, Vivek Uncle (As we call him) had said to us “Why don’t you think of starting small? Start with the products you have prototyped and expand overtime”. We weren’t necessarily convinced to start that way at that point but when things started getting difficult it seemed like a better option.

The first approved model of the Bio Array that eventually failed terribly leading to one of our initially big loss.

This was our final and approved FAB ARRAY sample. Here we are trying to figure out where to put our branding, by using some other brand’s sample tag.








We decided to start small!

I quit my job at the Marketing Agency – ‘Creative Factor’ and decided to take this up full time. Thanks to my boss Mr. Tridiv Das, he had always been supportive of his team members starting something on their own.

We kept aside our vast plan for the future and decided to start small. There were some pre-worked ready prototypes (Some of which have not even been launched yet, STILL TESTING!). We decided to work them to perfection, launch an e-commerce website and start somewhere.

Spoke to many people before we chose the right team for web development. We traveled around looking for artists and skilled people to produce our products. We were figuring out our registrations & legal formalities. We were estimating how much money we would need to get started.

Through all this, my lovely Mother – Priya was super supportive. She wasn’t necessarily confident of business and entrepreneurship but she knew this is what I wanted to do at that time and happily let me do it. She also offered financial help and offered to support me even with all the hardship in my family. Half-heartedly she also allowed me to use my sister’s room as my office for the initial few days (She’s too particular of my sister’s room – although my sister comes home only once a year for a month or 2) 😛

My sister’s room was initially our office for almost 4 months.

Start is always the hardest:  

Every single day when I sat down to work on some aspect of this business. There would be some or the other important task that I was absolutely new to. Every day I would write down all the things I had to work on.

Notice the signs around you! There’s always something to take note of.

A task that someone with Business Experience could do in an hour, I would spend half a day figuring it out. I had to search, learn, try to apply it, make changes, check 100 times and finally finish it.

Trust your instincts!

With so much happening, my mind was always racing and my anxiety was kicking in. I wanted to do so much in such little time. It was getting harder. We had put the little money we had into resources, we were traveling back and forth to far off places, meeting people, trying to get things right. Although I was pushing myself through this, somewhere I had a little fear, self-doubt and I didn’t feel ready!

But I was too deep into it, there was no looking back. As time passed by, I realized, that we’ll never be ready for anything until we get started! Once you start, just trust your inner voice.


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  • The most decisive factor is to take the first step and you did it. I am proud of you and the team. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to stand by your vision when everyone seems to not care. Keeping loving ahead, because that’s the only way ! Kudos..

    • Thank You Honey! <3 This means a lot!


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