Imperfection – The Real Perfection
Imperfection – The Real Perfection

Imperfection – The Real Perfection

Have you ever gone out shopping for something and ensured that the product is symmetrical in terms of shape, colour, outlook, etc. We all do right? We have been conditioned this way over the years, specially after machine production era started. Because, as humans it’s impossible to make even 10 pieces of the same product 100% symmetrical.

Isn’t that why, the handmade and handicraft industry that was respected and valued so much, a decade ago has lost its charm overtime? Because, machines produced zero errors and perfectly symmetrical products.

But ask yourself this, What’s more premium? What’s more like Luxury? What gives you the feeling of truly owning something?
Is it one of the 10000 identical pieces produced by a machine OR one of the 100 pieces that are all different from one another, handmade by an artist with passion?

Over the years we have been taught to look for perfection in a completely new manner. But as humans we know that none of us are perfect ourselves. But today Cosmetic Surgeries and Laser Treatments have made that possible too. To make humans look like the newly defined PERFECT (Fat Lips, Thick Raised Eyebrows, High Cheeks, Perfect White Teeth, Hairless Body, Fair Skin, Spotless Skin, Even Tone, 6 Pack Abs and the list is never ending). In spite of that our personalities still remain completely different from each other.  But on the lookout for the Unreal Perfection we have compromised on so much in life. For instance:

  • We demanded for Perfectly Shiny Apples, Red Strawberries, Green Vegetables, Sweet Mangoes, White Shiny Rice, Excess Milk, Excess Meat, etc.
    What we got?
    – Waxed Apples, Painted Strawberries, Coloured Vegetables, Injected Mangoes, Polished and Powdered Rice, Adulterated Milk, Tortured Cows & Calves, Ill-treated animals and a ton of newly formed diseases and illnesses.
  • We demanded for cheap but fashionable clothing that fits perfectly to our body shape and size. A new trend every 2months. Flexible clothing for comfort, Fur and Leather in our Clothing & Accessories.
    What we got?
    – Cheap Labour, Unsafe Working Conditions, Tons of Clothing Waste, Death of the Underprivileged, Killing of Animals for Fur & Leather, Plastic in our clothing that end up as microfibres in our water ways that in-turn end up in our bodies and cause cancer.
  • We demanded for convenience. We wanted to walk around freely and get whatever we needed in convenient packaging at stores/at our door step so we don’t have to take the pain of carrying containers/bags, cleaning the containers and reusing them. Plates that you need for less than 5mins, Water Bottles that you use only once, Products machine packed in cheap plastic, Plastic Bags for every time you step out and pick-up something.
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