Christmas is creeping closer and we are old enough to know that Santa is not real. What is real, is the pressure to think of the coolest gift! You don’t know what your friend wants or maybe the person already has everything they need? What really is the point of gifting if it might sit awkwardly in their room for the rest of the years before it turns into trash eventually?

This holiday season we want to show you how you can keep your gifts eco-friendly, obligation-free and still come up with some great ideas that are worth everyone’s time.

Plants not bouquets: 

If you’re in a situation that demands a traditional bouquet, switch things up and try a potted flowering plant instead! This is great for several reasons. Bouquets come with unnecessary wrapping which can be avoided. Bouquet flowers are cropped which means they eventually wither, but a potted plant grows & grows. Why waste the beautiful plant, when you can admire it as a house plant for years to come. And also, who doesn’t love some free trace-amounts of oxygen in the house?

Click here to browse an online store for plants in Bangalore. Or get one from your local nursery!

Gift cards when you are unsure:

You are absolutely sure your friend loves cosmetics but not sure which product. You aren’t an expert in the product they are interested in, but you are aware of a place they keep their eyes on all the time. Well sounds like a situation when Gift vouchers would be perfect. It removes the burden of having to choose a specific gift when you have zero expertise. And also gives liberty to the receiver to choose whatever they please!

Tickets to an experience:

Take a leaf out of every minimalist’s handbook, choose experience over stuff. If you aren’t absolutely sure about gifting physical items that may end up unused, go for tickets to a movie or an offer to take them out for a treat! Outing, trekking, resort, or a relaxing spa is always a great gift. Experiences don’t leave behind trash, only memories. 

Vegan desserts

We are always hunting for restaurants to take our friends and family, online. Of all the restaurants in your city that deserve some attention, go-to vegan restaurants in your city! Every environmentalist wait for the day vegan restaurants could become more accessible, but we can actually make that happen by making other restaurants compete for demand. You don’t even need to be a vegan to vote with your wallet and encourage the rising trend of plant-based foods. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest causes of climate change, so it’s time to encourage businesses that are part of the solution. Get them busy with orders this holiday season, you might surprise yourself with the range of food you can enjoy in plant-based options! We have provided links to two of our favorite vegan dessert stores:
Click here for Vegan ice creams
Click here for Specialty cakes

Zero-waste gifts for all:

Also, have you ever tried coaxing a close friend into saying no to single-use plastic, and didn’t get the most enthusiastic response? They might get lazy on working on their green habits, but they can’t say no to a reusable product if it’s gifted to them! With the product in their hands, it actually increases the chances of someone wanting to refuse single-use plastic simply because they are now excited to put their gift to use!

Head to our website and check out a range of such beautiful reusable products. It is sure to seduce the receiver into making a zero-waste switch! Click Here 

Upcycled gifts:

Buying upcycling items is like saying “I don’t need new resources to be exploited for my needs”, and that’s one of the best ways to put your shopping needs to good use. Imagine all the plastic decorative items used during Christmas, it’s time to ditch those single-use balloons and plastic Christmas decors. And rightly so, we decided to try including upcycled goodies in our Biomimic Theory Christmas hamper this year. Each hamper comes with Christmas tree charms that are made from scrap fabric. Joy to the planet, upcycle thy waste, and spread the word on sustainability!

Click here to head to our store and buy your own upcycled decors this Christmas. 

The above gift ideas should do the trick for anything you may be looking for. If you have something particular in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out for more help! 

Here are some more “Eco-friendly gifting ground rules” to keep in mind before you leave: 

  • Stick to Paper/cloth wrapper or go wrapper free.
    Why create any waste for that 5-minute suspense? Can you imagine the number of plastic wrappers that are ripped apart only to end up in landfills? The same goes for balloons! These unnecessary plastic decoratives could ruin the effort to have an eco-friendly holiday. Click here to check out ideas for zero-waste gift wrapping.
  • Consumables are always a safer bet when in doubt.
    Personal care products or food items, something that gets used up and or eaten, and leaves behind no trace! 
  • Whatever you do, confirm if someone needs the gift they are about to receive.
    Get them to write a list of all the items they could really use. This could seem ridiculous. But remember, the product will outlive the celebration, so make sure its used well!
  • Hard cash is never a bad idea, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Culturally speaking there has always been a tradition of gifting hard cash within families! When you think about it, it’s insanely sensible. No one hates money in a pretty envelope with a cute handwritten note. 

If you do see yourself falling into the consumerist traditions one way or the other, we can at least make sure these gifts make the planet a better place to live in!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! See you in 2020.

About Mridula Joshi

A sustainable lifestyle enthusiast who hopes to change the narrative on how we approach the dialogue of climate change in our society. She runs an educational website and lives a zero waste-minimalist life. Strongly prescribes eco-conscious living as the key to a fulfilling life.

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