#DoYourBit – 15 Consecutive Days of Conscious Living
#DoYourBit – 15 Consecutive Days of Conscious Living

#DoYourBit – 15 Consecutive Days of Conscious Living

When we launched Biomimic Theory and it’s products, we realized that a lot of people did not understand the importance and application of our products. They did not understand the purpose. A lot of people do not understand why plastic is a problem today. What sustainability is all about. So we decided to keep aside our ‘Sales Strategy’ and focus on creating awareness. To introduce some newbies to sustainable living (even 1 person’s mind changed would have made this campaign a success)- Scratch the Surface. The purpose of creating Biomimic Theory was to help people to help themselves and the planet towards a sustainable environment.

We conducted a 15 day conscious living campaign on Social Media between 16th October to 31st October 2018. Invited everyone on social media to sign-up for 15 days of guided conscious living. Encouraged them to also invite their friends and family to experience what it’s like to live consciously for just 15 days.

Before the 1st day of the campaign we had 30 people who had signed up. The 2nd day we had 10 more people joining us. But towards the end of the 4th day of the campaign we had whooping 62 people who were ready to experience 15 days of conscious living.

The campaign assigned one guided task everyday. The participants who were willing to could perform the assigned task or choose to make any other effort that interests them or that they feel comfortable making. There were no rules to the campaign apart from the fact that they had to make any conscious efforts for 15 consecutive days.

Some of the tasks we assigned during the campaign.

The positive feedback from the campaign has been tremendously pleasing. Here’s a brief summary of how the campaign performed.

If you notice the section that talks about the tasks that were the easiest to perform, they are – Reducing water usage and Eating without cutlery. If these are the easiest switches to make, then why is it that we have such a problem with disposable plastic cutlery and wastage of our precious resource -water? Could it be ignorance or just lack of awareness? maybe both.

But that’s what we are here to change. We only intend to make people aware of their action everyday. Because we believe that sometimes we do somethings unintentionally. And if we figured we were doing it wrongly, then we would definitely change it for better. That’s exactly what the campaign intends to achieve – CONSCIOUS ACTIONS!

It does not take too much effort to live a sustainable life. It only takes creativity and immense courage to create new rules. So be the one who is bold enough to make that difference.

Here’s what some of our participants had to say about the campaign!
If you are someone who is learning about sustainable living off late and want to live a sustainable lifestyle. But if you are wondering how to go about it – just follow @biomimic.theory  and leave us a message that you are interested and we will share all the details with you to get you started. We hate telling someone what to do, we love guiding people in finding what they want to do. So ask us questions and get started at the earliest. 🙂

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