About Us

About Us


Biomimic Theory is an organization striving to find reusable and sustainable alternatives to disposables & environmentally harmful products that we use on a daily basis. We aim at equipping each and every one with alternatives that can easily fit into one’s current lifestyle. We want people to make a shift without them having to largely compromise on their convenience & comfort. We want to ensure that our customers are capable of refusing single use, yet enjoy all the comfort they’d love to have through the reusables we offer.

Our journey started in Jan 2018

Amidst the rotting garbage stink, the unpleasant sight, cows feeding on plastics, suffocating burning garbage smoke, people urinating in the same garbage dumping site, etc. We started complaining when we started observing our surroundings, but quickly realised that complaining was getting us nowhere. We then started evaluating our habits, consumption and contributions to this mess. We started making small changes in our everyday life to reduce our contribution to garbage. We soon decided we wanted to take up waste management as a career. And to educate ourselves, we attended an elaborate workshop conducted by Mr. Vellore Srinivasan – Founder of the SLRM Project (Solid Liquid Resource Management) which was Featured on Sathyameva Jayathe and was recognised by the UN. The workshop helped us understand that we need to take a different path in dealing with the problem.

Low Waste Living

We started to live a low waste life in order to understand the real culprits behind the garbage problem. Then we stared to find alternatives for ourselves to live a sustainable life. Finally after 8 long months of living a low waste life, we have identified products that can make it easy for everyone to live a low waste life without having to compromise much on comfort and convenience. That is what Biomimic Theory products have to offer. It supports your efforts in living a low waste life.

Every product we introduce is carefully tested for months before it can be launched. It is made using already available materials or scrap materials, hand created by artists who live in villages across Karnataka, we pay fair wages to everyone who work with us, ensure nothing and no one is harmed during the process and believe in growing together.


Shwetha Parshi

Shwetha Parshi


With an urge to drive change in the garbage disposal system Shwetha started learning about waste management, started living low waste, learnt about the challenges of living sustainably and finally started educating others and creating awareness. Simultaneously worked on Biomimic Theory to bridge the gaps in living such a lifestyle. She previously worked in a marketing agency and is an MBA Grad by education.


Naveen Gowda

Naveen Gowda


An entrepreneur in different industries and an MBA Grad. Living and working very close to the busiest part of South Bangalore, Naveen noticed garbage burning and disposal in a place where 1000s commuted at any given point in time. Got interested and he felt the need to explore the underlying problem, attended workshops, met people and finally joined hands in creating Biomimic Theory.




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